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STOP collecting sizes & payments! We make it EASY!

High Five Sportswear Group Ordering makes collecting info, sizes, and payment SUPER EASY! Approve your designs, then invite others to join. Set custom pricing to use Group Ordering as a fundraiser for your organization!


Create Your Design

Submit your design idea to one of our design experts. Once you are satisfied with the order, just set the item price and deadline!

Invite Everyone

A personal link will be sent to you. Just share that link with parents, employees, or whoever needs to order. Once they click, they can see your item, choose quantity, size, and pay! All while you do more important things with your life.

Finalize Your Order

Once all your people have placed their order, you can close your order and send for printing. Don't worry, you will receive updates via email about your order. Group ordering made simple!


High Five Sportswear Group Ordering is the perfect solution

On every High Five Sportswear Group Order, you may choose to set a custom price for each item. If the final amount paid by participants is more than the normal High Five Sportswear price for each item, we'll send you a check for the difference. This makes for a great fundraiser for your organization or a few bucks of profit for yourself if you're the entrepreneurial type!


Group Ordering FAQ

Find answers to the most common questions about our

Group Ordering service.Contact us if you have

further questions!


Getting Started

How do I start a Group Order?

Simply start an order by submitting a free design request to our professional artists. Once you approve your design, you'll have the option to turn the order into a Group Order and invite others to participate.


Who is the Order Organizer?

The Order Organizer is the person who submits the initial High Five Sportswear order, approves the design, sets the Group Ordering deadline, and invites others to participate. After the ordering deadline passes, the Order Organizer is responsible for closing the order and sending it to print.


Can I use High Five Sportswear Group Ordering as a fundraiser?

Yes! During Group Order setup, just select Custom Pricing for each item (as described in "How are Group Order items priced?") and set the custom price higher than the expected per item price. After the order closes, we'll send you a check for the difference!


Can I use high five sportswear Group Ordering as a subsidy for my group?

Yes! During Group Order setup, let your design specialist you would like to set the custom price lower than the expected per item price. Your participants will pay the price you set. When you check out, you'll pay the difference between the participant price and the actual price. This is great for schools or teams that can afford part of the cost of an order, but not the entire cost.



Who pays for the Group Order?

During Group Order setup, you may select one of two payment methods:

  • Collective: Select this method if you will pay for the entire order after everyone enters their selections.
  • Individual: Select this method if you would like everyone to enter their own payment info. During check out, each participant's form of payment will be processed. They will receive an e-mail receipt or failure notice.

What payment methods are available?

High Five Sportswear accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover

Participants & Security

How do people join my Group Order?

Once you've finished the Group Order setup process, you'll receive a link that people can use to join your Group Order.


Who can participate in my Group Order?

Anyone! Just provide them the join link and they may enter their selections.


Can I password protect my Group Order?

No. Group orders cannot be password protected at this time. However, only people with your group order link will have access.

Can I send a message to all participants?

Yes! You can include a personal message to be included with your group order. Just let your design specialist know what you would like to say!


The Dominy family currently has four generations of Texas Aggie graduates beginning with my great uncle, Class of ’35, who used his World War II flying skills to not miss an Aggie football game for more than 50 years. It also includes a starter on the Lady Ags basketball team and a head drum major of THE FIGHTIN’ TEXAS AGGIE BAND who is now an orthopedic surgeon with a specialty in hands. Generation 5 is being properly raised by their Aggie mom and Aggie Dad.

Our Specialization

No matter the size, every order is our priority. It’s no accident we’re one of the leading custom apparel companies in Katy, TX. In addition to specializing in t-shirts, we also print on hats, bags, and much more. We offer screen printing, embroidery and graphic design.

Our Dedication

It is our focus to meet the needs of our customers and want to be your first choice when looking for quality graphic design and custom t-shirts! Most of our business has been referral based for the past 10 years.

Our Commitment

Our High Five Sportswear team goal is to produce screen printing, embroidery, vinyl graphic and other products that are of a consistent level of high standards with excellence, integrity, loyalty, and respect.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your question below, please contact us! Our expert team is here to help.


How do I create a design?

Easily! You may submit a free design request to our professional artists. Your apparel will not be printed until you are 100% satisfied with your design! All you have to do is provide input and feedback and we take care of the rest.


Can I upload an image/font?

If you have an image or a font style you would like to use, simply upload it during the order process. If you do not have the actual image or font, simply describe it to your High Five Sportswear artist, and he or she will bring it to life!

How quickly will I receive my first design proof?

After submitting your order, your Project Manager will assign a High Five Sportswear professional artist to your order. Within one business day, your artist will post a proof to your order's Art Center. In the case of truly complex designs, it may take longer than one business day for your first proof. Your Project Manager and artist will let you know if this is the case.

Once you receive your proof, you may request any changes directly to your artist through your order's Art Center. You do not have to approve your design until it is 100% perfect!

Can I have a telephone conversation with my professional artist if I need to give very specific details?

Yes! If you'd prefer to use the phone to communicate your idea, simply indicate when you're available and your artist will give you a call.


Who should I contact if there is a problem with my order?

If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding your order, please contact your order's Project Manager.

Screen printing

What is screenprinting?

Screenprinting is a technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink blocking stencil. The stencil forms open areas of mesh based on your design. The number of screens (stencils) for any design is based on the number of ink colors in your design. To screenprint a tee, the screen is pressed directly to the garment. Next, the ink is transferred onto the garment through the screen by a squeegee that moves across the stencil. This forces ink past the threads of the open ares of the screen and onto the garment. After the shirt is printed, it is placed in an oven and baked at 322 degrees to cure the ink.


Why screenprinting?

Screenprinting is a time-tested method for creating custom t-shirts and apparel and offers much better quality and longevity than digital printing, heat transfers, and other approaches to placing a design on your custom apparel.



What factors affect price?

The five (5) factors that affect price are:

  1. Type of garment:

    High quality shirts such as Next Level and American Apparel are more expensive than most basic brands like Gildan and Jerzees. You'll notice each garment has a corresponding dollar sign ($). Garments are rated with "$" being the most affordable and "$$$" being the priciest (relative to other items of the same type).

  2. Color of garment:

    White shirts are always the least expensive because they do not go through a dyeing process like a purple, pink, or navy tee does. Finally, heathers, which include all grays, are less expensive than the rest of the color spectrum (excluding white).

  3. Number of art locations:

    Each art location (front, back, sleeve, etc) requires a setup process for printing. The more locations you select, the higher the price.

  4. Number of colors per location:

    Each additional ink color requires a setup process for printing. The more ink colors for a given location, the higher the price.

  5. Quantity of Shirts:

    Simply stated, the more garments in your order, the lower the price per garment as the setup costs for each art location and ink color are divided amongst more garments. As a result, the more you buy the more you'll save.


What credit cards do we accept?

Currently all major credit cards are accepted, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

What if I place an order and then need to cancel?

Orders may be canceled up until you approve your final art and check out.